Cyber Security Services in North Dallas: 24/7 Protection in a Dangerous World Cyber security you can trust. Peace of mind you can feel.

In a world where cyber threats have become more common, more sophisticated, and more present than ever, the security of your business’s data and systems has never been more important. Who you trust with that security is a crucial choice, one that could make the difference between survival or disaster.

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Meet the Premier Cyber Security Provider in North Dallas

Ergon Consulting Group’s Cyber Security Service offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge array of cyber security capabilities to protect your business from every possible cyber threat. Custom security solutions can cover the needs of every business, no matter the size — providing round-the-clock protection from viruses, malware, DOS attacks, data theft, ransomware, or malware.

Ergon’s IT experts are highly skilled in every area of cyber security, including:

Compliance as a Service

Bulletproof cyber security means credentialed compliance with industry leaders. Take the guesswork out of achieving and maintaining framework compliance with Ergon Consulting Group’s cyber security experts, who are experienced with every step in the compliance journey.

Vulnerability Scanning

How can you protect your business from a threat you don’t know exists? Simply put, you can’t. That’s where vulnerability scanning services can help. By relentlessly probing your network, infrastructure, systems, and software, Ergon can locate and address existing weaknesses, limiting the exposure your business faces from potential security breaches or zero-day attacks.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

When it comes to cyber security, knowledge truly is power. Upgrade yours with regular training sessions that bring your staff up to date on the cutting edge of cyber security threats and best practices.

Mobile and BYOD Device Security

With fully remote and hybrid office situations gaining momentum, mobile and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security is increasingly necessary. Device hacking, loss, or theft are real vulnerabilities that can be mitigated, if not eliminated entirely, with the right plan.

Network and Cloud Security

As more and more SMBs take advantage of cloud-based capabilities, protecting that ecosystem becomes more and more valuable. Whether it’s hardening your internal network, upgrading your continuity solutions, or bulletproofing your cloud-based infrastructure, Ergon has the tools to help.

Email Security Services

Protect your primary attack vector, with Ergon’s Email Security Services

  • Safeguard your entire company with all-in-one email security coverage 
  • Reduce human error with intuitive email security awareness training
  • Rest easy knowing all inbound and outbound communication is securely encrypted

In a world where up to 90% of cyber security breaches are a result of phishing attacks, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of robust email security. Ergon’s Email Security Services provide exactly that, with a full suite of capabilities covering everything from targeted threat detection, to zero-day attack prevention, file-sharing protection, and outbound encryption services. 

Don’t leave your company open to malware, phishing, ransomware, and spam attacks — put Ergon’s best-in-class Email Security Services to work for you today.

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