Managed IT Services in North Dallas: Stop Disaster Before It Starts Ergon Consulting Group exists to prevent IT catastrophes from costing your business

IT services are a lot like physical utilities: you don’t think much about them until they stop working. Then you’re forced to think about them a lot, until they’re up and running again. Of course, by then the costs of a crashed server or a network failure are often irreversible (and potentially catastrophic).

Keeping your IT systems running smoothly can be a big challenge for small and mid-sized businesses. With limited manpower and resources, a full-service suite of IT capabilities can seem out of reach. And yet, the cost of not having those capabilities on call can be disastrous.

What if there was a way to stop IT disasters before they even start?

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Meet the Premier Managed IT Services Provider in North Dallas

Ergon Consulting Group’s managed IT services exist to shoulder the burden of running a seamless IT ecosystem so that you don’t have to. Preemptive disaster prevention and mitigation minimize disruptive downtimes and ensure your business keeps functioning 24/7/365, no matter what.

Ergon’s IT experts are highly skilled in a full suite of managed IT capabilities, including:


Cloud Computing Services

Whether you’ve utilized cloud computing for years or are just getting started, cloud-based tools and platforms can offer significant advantages to the flexibility and functionality of your business. However, managing their migration and integration processes across multiple clouds can cost valuable time and energy. Ergon Consulting Group’s Cloud Computing Services offloads that stress, performing everything from setup and maintenance to training your staff, ensuring your focus is where it belongs: on running your business.


Backup Disaster & Recovery

Never worry about data loss again. Ergon’s industry-best data backup disaster & recovery solutions ensure the continuity of your systems and critical information, regardless of data disruptions. Whether a hardware failure, power outage, virus attack or user error, a comprehensive data backup & recovery plan protects your business’s ability to weather any storm.

cyber security

Cyber Security

In a world where every piece of technology — from your network to each device that uses it — carries significant potential security risk, you can’t afford cyber security that’s anything less than the best. Ergon’s cyber security service offers full coverage to protect your business from viruses, malware, DOS attacks, data theft, ransomware or malware. From encryption to compliance, data safety to training, Ergon provides custom solutions to fit the needs of every business, no matter the size.



Our Voice product is an all-in-one telecom solution. Utilizing our cloud-based phone system, it combines enterprise-class PBX functionality and service into a reliable hosted solution. It offers all of the advanced features of an enterprise PBX system with over 80 included Hosted VoIP features.

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