Unified Communications as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service

The most successful SMBs, that are able to survive disruptions such as a pandemic or a recession, are those that continue to effectively use new evolving technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

The adoption of cloud computing technology in the 21st century radically changed the way businesses operate.  Now, we are harnessing the cloud to enable more streamlined, efficient communication with clients and collaboration with coworkers:  Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

UCaaS is a cloud-delivered communications model that allows businesses to consolidate their various communications tools onto one cohesive platform.  Even though your employees are working remotely in multiple locations, in cities across the country and the globe, UCaaS allows your business and its people to remain connected over not just one platform, but all your methods of communication: email, text/SMS, voice calling, chat, video conferencing, etc.

By moving to a UCaaS platform, businesses can integrate all their communication features, applications, and services into one unified platform, allowing team members to communicate seamlessly with each other, and clients with just one login. UCaaS incorporates communications systems such as enterprise telephony, VOIP, web conferencing, team collaboration software, text/SMS communications, email, file sharing, and more.  Ergon Consulting Group partners with GoTo to offer Unified Communication as a Service to companies in the DFW area.   We would love to talk with you about this service and show you how UCaaS can help you reduce costs and boost productivity.

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What Does UCaaS Do for Businesses?

UCaaS systems can include enterprise or VOIP calling, but they are so much more than a business phone system.  It offers so many features that make it far superior to traditional communications:


A UCaaS platform allows your people to stay connected regardless of their location.  Replace your old office phone system with VOIP calling via the cloud.  Make and receive calls, chat and more on any device with an internet connection, such as a laptop, phone, or tablet.


UCaaS platforms integrate collaboration tools specifically designed for sharing information among an organization’s employees.  Create chat rooms for internal teams and projects, and have a virtual office water cooler.  Collaborate via text, call, or video chat, as needed.


Virtual meetings are second nature to most of us now.  UCaaS integrates with most video conferencing platforms including GoTo Meetings and Zoom, so you don’t have to switch and learn a new system.


In addition to simplifying your communications, you will save money too!  Lower monthly operating costs by cutting ties with your traditional phone carrier, and consolidating voice and data on one network.

Dynamic Integrations

Ergon can provide a single point of access to all major applications and productivity tools that integrate with your suite of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) products.

Enhance Service Delivery With Ergon Group’s Unified Communications Solutions

Ergon Consulting Group offers Unified Communication as a Service to companies in the DFW area.   We would love to discuss this service and show you how UCaaS can help you reduce costs and boost productivity.

Contact us today to learn more about UCaaS!

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